What is the purpose of the Blueprint?

Curious about what the purpose of the Blueprint section is? This article will help you understand how to use it and why it's important

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The Blueprint section of Synapse is populated based on the decisions you make on the requirements and design sections. The Blueprint is our version of a design document.

Use it to iterate on your decisions and to see how your design is materializing in real-time. Users can also comment on specific items to facilitate collaboration during the design process.

The Blueprint also shows the course title, description, and audience, as well as the lessons you've created so far.

Clicking on the Lessons on the Blueprint will send you to the Blueprint lesson view to show you the topics created for each lesson. By clicking on the ">" icon next to the topic title, it will display a preview of the contents in the topic.

Clicking on this icon will allow users to comment on specific items on the Blueprint.

If there are any comments for this item, the number of comments will be shown in the comment icon.

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