Requirement Cards

An overview of how to best utilize Requirements cards

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The purpose of Requirements cards is to give context to your training design, for example what training needs to take place and why. Documenting the requirements keeps it organized and on track, and also helps bring stakeholders up to speed quickly. This will help keep everyone aligned to the training need. You have the option to add additional custom fields or choose from the picker for our pre-defined list.


Default Requirements Cards

The following default fields will appear: Overview, Performance Goal, Audience and Delivery Method(s).

Adding Requirements

When documenting your requirements, you are able to choose from a predefined list using our field picker or add your own custom fields. You can also choose from a variety of question types.

1. Select the type of Requirement card you are looking to add. You can select from Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Range, URL, Text, Number, Date, Drop Down and File Upload card types.

2. Populate the question and available options if applicable.

3. To remove a field, click on the three dots to the right of the requirement.

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