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An overview of which browsers Synapse supports.

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In general, the Synapse application fully supports the two most-recent major releases of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on a rolling basis. We highly recommend that you use one of these supported browsers to ensure an optimal user experience.

Though users may have success with other browsers, only the browsers listed above are fully supported, tested and certified to work with Synapse. If you choose not to work with one of the supported browsers your experience may not be optimal, or you may not be able to use certain functionality within the application. We are constantly testing browsers for quality assurance as they release patches. If you find a bug associated with a specific browser, please report to technical support it and the Product team will verify and fix it as soon as possible.

Our Product team continually monitors the browsers used to access Synapse and fully supports any browser versions that are used by 5%+ of all application users.

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