Exporting and Importing in Xyleme
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When you have finished a Design in Synapse and are ready to move it to Xyleme, follow these steps:

1. Open the design in Synapse and click on the Publish and Export icon:

2. Click on “Data” on the left menu, and ensure XML is selected:

3. This will download a Zip File to your computer which you will need to open. On a Mac, you can unzip by double clicking on the zip file. On a Windows, you should right click on the file and select “Extract All”.

For Xyleme there are two different items required: importing the media and importing the XML.

1. With the export files unzipped, locate the folder that has the XML file and the top folder for the media folders.

2. In Studio, navigate to the Media drive and then navigate to the Synapse Imports folder.

3. Drag and drop the folder holding the media files from the exported extracted file to the Synapse Imports folder. You will be able to see many media files being uploaded in the lower right corner of the screen.

4. After the media has imported, select Import from the More menu.

5. Select New Import.

6. Select the XML option and browse to the folder where the extracted files are. Select the XML file.

7. The file to be imported displays. Click Continue.

8. Expand All documents and select the folder where you wish the imported course to be placed. The folder icon should reflect “open” and the Path in the window should reflect the correct folder as well. Click Continue.

9. Click Continue two more times to move through Media Location and Import Options screens to arrive at the confirmation screen. Click Continue to start the importing.

10. Once the import has finished successfully, the import list status will say “Success”.

11. At this time you can navigate to the course in Studio and make any additional modifications to the course content. Your course content and media are all in place.

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