Leveraging Background Images

Learn more about adding a header to your designs.

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Within Synapse, we give you the ability to customize your course branding with the use of background images.

Using a background image is a great way to personalize, polish, and enhance the branding of your course. If you're looking for some inspiration, or a place to get started - we’ve got you covered!

Feel free to download and use one of these free background images that we’ve already put together:

You can also check out these websites that provide a wide variety of background images to choose from:

How to Upload a Background Image

1. Navigate to your Design.

2. Select the Customize Design icon in the top right corner of the design page.

3. Under the Branding settings, click on the Background Image option.

4. Upload the desired image and hit save.

Here's an example of a course we created using a background image:

Please note, your image will look best if it's horizontal. The recommended dimensions are 1600 x 500px.

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