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User Roles and Permissions

An overview of Admin, Design Owner and Collaborator permissions

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Within Synapse, users can either be Admins, Design Owners or Collaborators. Each of these has different permissions within the platform. 

Admins: An Admin within your account will have full visibility of all designs created within the account. They will also be responsible for creating Templates, establishing which tags can be applied to designs and inviting Design Owners. Admins have the ability to change design ownership. Admins will also be able to complete the same functions as a Design Owner or Collaborator. 

Design Owners: A Design Owner is responsible for creating new training designs. As such, they will be able to view their designs and any other designs they've been invited to collaborate on. They will be able to customize the Requirements and Design of the design, lock certain sections to prevent further editing, invite collaborators to the design and publish or download when ready. 

Collaborators: A Collaborator is invited to work on a specific training design, or designs. They are able to complete the Requirements, work on the Design of the design but are unable to publish. 

If you are looking to change a user to an Admin, click on the three dots beside their name and select Upgrade to admin. To remove a user, select Delete.

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