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How to add a True or False Assessment

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Note: if you do not see Advanced Assessments enabled on your account, contact your Client Success manager to have them added. Additionally, these assessments cannot not be accessed by learners on Internet Explorer.

To add a True or False Assessment to your design, follow these steps:

1. Select + Assets, or hover over existing assets and select the + symbol to the right to add a new asset directly between any existing ones.

2. Click on Assessment.

3. You'll then be prompted to select the desired question type. Select Multiple Choice, then True or False.

4. An editor will appear that will allow you to input the True or False question. Complete the following:

  • In the Compose question field, enter the question

  • You'll see the options available are True or False

  • Under the Select correct answer, indicate if the answer is True or False.

In the top right corner of the question editor, you will see icons to view the question guidance, collaborate at the question level, expand the editor, preview and copy or remove the question entirely.

More instructions for each question type can be located below:

Once you've added your Assessments, you can review them in the Blueprint and Preview.

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