Using tasks is a create way to assign ownership of certain elements and manage your workflows. This article shares how to assign tasks, see what tasks have been assigned, and resolve tasks.

Assign Tasks

  1. For each card, you have the ability to assign the task to a collaborator. Begin by tagging the collaborator in the card you would like to assign them ownership of. You can tag the collaborator by using the @ symbol and entering their name.

  2. Once you've entered their name, check the Assign to task box.

3. You will then have the option to click the Due Date button, select a date from the calendar and click ok.

Manage Tasks

As a Collaborator, you can view all of your tasks by selecting the Collaboration icon in the navigation bar. As an Admin, you'll be able to view all elements with assigned tasks.

Resolving Tasks

If you have completed a task, you can Resolve it, by clicking on the Resolve button beside your name.

Changing Due Dates

After you have assigned a task and set a due date, you can adjust the due date as required by selecting the collaboration icon, clicking on the date and adjusting as required.

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