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How to add, view and remove comments
How to add, view and remove comments

Best practices on how to leverage comments to streamline collaboration.

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Once you've added collaborators to your design, the commenting feature is a great way to collaborate and collect feedback on your design Requirements and Design. Here are some tips on how to add, view and remove comments.

Adding Comments

1. A comment can be added to any card that displays the speech bubble icon.

2. When you click on the icon, you'll see the comment box appear.

3. Begin typing your comment, and use the @ symbol to tag another Collaborator in your post by typing their name. If you tag someone in your post, it will also send them an email.

4. Click the Send button to post your comment.

Viewing Comments

As an Admin, Design Owner or Collaborator you'll also be able to view all comments. The icons on each card will change depending on the number of comments and any assigned tasks.

-The icon will display the number of comments if comments are present

-The icon will display an orange circle if you are assigned an action item

-The icon will display a checkmark if the task has been completed

Simply click on the icon to view all comments and action items.

Removing Comments

If you'd like to remove a comment you have shared, click the three dots to the right of the comment, then click Remove.

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