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How to add training content via the xAPI (Tin Can) in Docebo LMS
How to add training content via the xAPI (Tin Can) in Docebo LMS

Add xAPI based training in Docebo LMS/LRS

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  1. Log in to your Docebo instance as the Superuser

  2. Choose Configuration from the top-right menu icon that is highlighted in red below.

3. From the Settings menu, choose Advanced Settings.

4. Select E-Learning from the left side menu.

5. Go to Synapse and copy the share link URL in your 'Publish' course section. Be sure to set publishing to Private and click Update. 

6. Paste the Synapse share link URL in the 'xAPI (Tin Can) external content' field

7. Go back to your desired project in Synapse, click into it, and under the 'Requirements' tab, insert text or copy the text in the 'Catalog' field. The text in the catalog field should be an exact match of the set Docebo course name

8. Go back to Docebo and add the training material to the desired Docebo course and choose 'I want to add training material'. Remember, the name needs to be an exact match to the Synapse project Catalog name

9. You will be presented with an overview of the training materials for your course. Select 'ADD TRAINING MATERIAL' via the menu button

10. Choose 'Tin Can' from the UPLOAD options menu

11. Select 'From URL' option and check 'Track All Activities'

12. Choose the desired training URL from the 'Select URL' dropdown menu. Enter the course title exactly as it appears in Synapse, add description, and select 'SAVE CHANGES'

If you've enabled Single Sign-On (SSO) with Synapse, you can enable this feature by selecting 'Enhanced Security' from the left side menu and check 'Add OAuth code to launch URL' with the desired 'OAuth Client' name.

You're now ready to enroll learners. Your new course materials are now available and the training progress will be reported in your Docebo analytics dashboard. 

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