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How do I add PowerPoint Slides?

Convert PowerPoint presentations into assets

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1. Click on + Assets and select Attachment.

2. Select Choose and drag your PowerPoint file into the box or click it and upload accordingly.

3. Upload your file and Synapse will convert your entire presentation into a PDF. See example below.

If you prefer to upload PowerPoint slides individually and not in PDF format, try saving your PowerPoint presentation as individual images or JPEGs by doing the following:

  1. Click on the File Tab within the PowerPoint file.

2. Click Save As and then More options...

If you don't have a "More options..." link, click the drop-down arrow and select JPEG File Interchange Format (then skip to step 4 below).

3. Create a New Folder and then change the "Save as type" to JPEG File Interchange Format and Save file in the new folder you created.

4. A popup will appear asking which slides you want to save. Click All Slides.

5. Revisit steps 1, 2, and 3 above, but this time upload the individual JPEG slide that you want to use. Repeat these steps for every slide you want to upload.

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