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How do I add additional admin users?
How do I add additional admin users?

Add additional administrator users to your account

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To add an admin, you must also be an admin.

If you are not an admin, please ask an admin from within your organization to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Users tab on your dashboard.

  2. Click on "INVITE".

  3. Add the email address of the admin.

  4. Select the "Admin" user type option.

  5. Synapse will send an email notification to the new administrator to register.

  6. Check to see their status under the Status tab.

If you require Synapse to change an existing user into an administrator, simply navigate to the Users tab on the product dashboard, hover over the three dot icon to the far right of the user you wish to upgrade, and select β€œUpgrade to admin”.

For more information on inviting new users as admins, check out this article!


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