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Exporting your designs

Export your training designs to XML, PDF, PPT or SCORM for further authoring or review, or distribution to your learners.

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Once you have completed your training designs, you can export your content in a variety of formats: PDF, PPT, SCORM, XML or JSON.

To export, click the publish and export button in the top right corner.

The publish modal will appear, giving you a variety of options for publishing and exporting.

You'll select the tab on the left for the format type you'd like to export. Under the Data option, you'll find the XML and JSON exports.


If you download the SCORM package it creates a compressed 'zip' file with a SCORM 1.2 compatible wrapper that contains a link to your design. You can upload this file to a SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS). When you play the course in the LMS, it will launch the latest published version from Synapse.

You must publish the course before you can download the SCORM file. If you make any changes to your design once you've uploaded the SCORM file, you can return to the Publish modal and select the update button. This will then release the changes to any of the outputs you have shared.


The Experience API (or xAPI) is a specification for learning technology that makes it possible to collect data about a wide range of experiences a person has engaging with your content. You can download an xAPI package which can be used within your Learning Management System (LMS) or leveraged to pass data back to your Learning Record Store (LRS).

This option is not enabled for all accounts by default as often some additional configuration is required. If you would like to learn more about leveraging the xAPI, please email


Downloading as a PDF allows you to export a PDF of your designs blueprint to distribute as required.


The PowerPoint export will download a 10” x 5.63” PPT file that can be leveraged for instructor-led training, imported to an authoring tool or used for further review. The export will transform the design into a series of slides. The Requirements will be displayed at the end of the presentation.


If you click the Download XML button it will create a compressed 'zip' file that contains all of the design assets and data. The dialog will display a progress bar as this process can take a little while. It will initiate the file download once complete.

If you make changes to the design, you must return to the publish modal to download the design file in XML format again by choosing the "Generate new file" button.

The XML export file will contain the structure and text content in the course.xml file, and an associated list of all media assets in separate files with names reflecting the asset title.

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