Using audio and video files

Instructions for recording and uploading audio and video files

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You can record new audio or video files or upload existing ones from your drive to include in your training materials.

1. Select Attachment when adding an asset.

2. To record a new audio or video file, select the Record Audio or Record Video from the list of sources and select record.

Note: you will need to grant a permission for your browser to use your microphone or webcam in order to use these features.

  • To record a new audio or video file, select the Blue Button, you will then see text that says the file is archiving which means recording has started.

  • When you are done recording, click the stop button and you'll then see the option to upload.

  • After uploading, the audio or video file will be added as an asset to your design.

3. To upload an existing file, select the desired file from your shared or local drive.

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