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Easily publish and share your content with your learners.

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In order to publish a design in Synapse, you must be the Design Owner or an Admin.

When you have created and reviewed your design, you're then ready to publish!

1. Select the Publish and Export option, located in your top-right section of the screen.

2. The publish modal will then appear which gives you different options for access permissions and export format including Links, SCORM and xAPI which are frequently used to deploy content to your learners.

3. You'll have three options for your access permissions:

Off - This disables access to the published version of the course. Your design will initially be set to Off.

Public - This creates a link that can be shared without authentication. When launched the end-user will see a web version of the content.

Private - This creates a link that can only be used by authenticated users. When launched it will require that the end-user be logged in to your domain before accessing the content.

When you select Public or Private, links are generated for sharing or embedding.

If you make changes to the content, you do not need to create a new link. Content changes are not updated until you click the update button.

4. When you have made changes to your content, you'll return to this section and click the green update button. It will show you the last published date and time. Your learners will continue to see the last published version until you decide to release your changes by clicking the green update button.

If you want to disable access to the content after it was published, just set it back to Off. Anyone who tries to launch the content will see this message appear:

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