Note: Advanced Assessments are available as an add-on feature. If you are interested in learning more, please notify your Client Success Manager or Account Executive. 

To add a Hot Spot Assessment to your project, follow these steps: 

1. When adding a Lesson, you'll be asked to populate the lesson name, add your learning objectives and then add your Assessment questions.  Click Add Question. 

2. You'll then be prompted to select the desired question type. Select Activities, then Hot Spots. 

3. An editor will appear that will allow you to input your question, upload image and define your Hot Spots. Complete the following:

  • In the Compose question field, enter the question 
  • In the Image Preview section, click the Add button and upload your image. 
  • You can then include any alternative text (displayed if the image does not load) and define the Width and Height. 
  • You'll then be prompted to draw to define the Hot Spots
  • You can also define the fill colour, selected fill colour and selected outline colour. We recommend adjusting the fill colour and opacity so that the hotspots are not visible on the graphic. 
  • You then outline around a selected areas that the learner can select within. You'll continue to click to frame the correct response, then continue the dots.

  • You can identify several items on the image uploaded
  • You'll then be promoted to select the correct answer 

In the top right corner of the question editor, you will see icons to view the question guidance, collaborate at the question level, expand the editor, preview and copy or remove the question entirely. 

More instructions on other question types can be located below: 

Once you've added your assessments, you can review them in the Blueprint and Preview. 

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