Creating effective assessment questions is a great way to measure whether your learning objectives were achieved. 

Within Synapse, there are two options for assessing your learners knowledge: 

1. Knowledge Checks

2. Advanced Assessments (if you do not see these enabled on your account, contact your Client Success manager to have them added) 

Knowledge Checks

Knowledge Checks are a great way to allow learners to self-assess whether they have retained the lesson content. Leveraging Multiple Choice, Multiple Response and True or False questions, you can add questions to the end of each lesson to allow learners to take a quick pulse check and view the correct and incorrect responses. 

To add a Knowledge Check, follow these simple steps or click here for more detailed instructions. 

1.  When adding a Lesson, you'll be asked to populate the lesson name, add your learning objectives and then add your Knowledge Check questions. Click Add Question.

2. You'll then be asked to add the question and available options. To add additional options click Add Answer.

3. Click the checkbox to the left of the answer to indicate that it is the correct response, or click multiple boxes if there are multiple correct responses. 

4. To add additional questions, click Add Question.

Your Knowledge Checks will then be available to review in the Blueprint and Preview.

Advanced Assessments

Advanced Assessments are a great option for those looking to score, track and report on whether their learners have retained the course content. With advanced question types such as Fill In The Blank, Classification, Ordering, Matching and Hotspots you can easily align your assessment questions to measure whether your learning objectives have been achieved. 

To add an Advanced Assessment, follow these steps, or click on one of the question types below for more detailed instructions.

1. When adding a Lesson, you'll be asked to populate the lesson name, add your learning objectives and then add your Assessment questions. Click Add Question. 

2. You'll then be prompted to select the desired question type. 

More instructions for each question type can be located below: 

Once you've added your Assessments, you can review them in the Blueprint and Preview. 

Note: Advanced Assessments cannot not be accessed by learners on Internet Explorer.

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