Resource Assignments
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Resource Assignments is a feature that allows you to assign and manage your project resources within the Planning functionality of Synapse.

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In the Capacity tab under the Planning dropdown menu, you'll be able to set the weekly capacity of your team. We’d recommend ensuring that all of your projects have defined start and end dates as this will be used to calculate the availability of your team members, across all projects, each week.

You'll also see a full list of your team members, their roles, and their availability for each week. This way, you can filter and view your team’s resource availability across several weeks and easily filter those by the resource required for any new projects.

Job Roles can be assigned to new members of your team when you invite them to join Synapse, or can be added to Users who have already registered by selecting the three dot icon to the far right of their name and selecting a Job Role from the dropdown menu in the Users tab.

In the Planning Board, Admins can assign teammates to a project by clicking on “Manage Members” within a card. You’ll then be presented with a list of users in your account which you can assign to the Project by clicking on the green "Assign" button.

It’s important to note that this feature gives Administrators insight into who is working on what projects, however assigning a user as a Project Member does not give them access to see the Planning Card and any attached material - that view is still only accessible by other Admin users. Therefore, assigned members will not be notified when they are assigned to a project as this is simply to give Admins the ability to better manage their project resources.

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