We’ve made some additional updates to the Resource Assignments feature in the Planning section of Synapse!

In the Users tab, you’ll now be able to assign a Job Role to members of your team. Adding Job Roles gives you an easier way to categorize and classify your team by the type of work that they do which makes it easier to manage your resources and assign out project work.

Job Roles can be assigned to new members of your team when you invite them to join Synapse, or can be added to Users who have already registered by selecting the three dot icon to the far right of their name and selecting a Job Role from the dropdown menu.

We’ve also enhanced the Resource Capacity section of Planning so that you can see a full list of your team members, their roles, and their availability for each week. This way, you’ll be able to filter and view your team’s resource availability across several weeks and easily filter those by the resource required for any new projects.

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