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[August 26, 2021] Improvements to Resource Assignments
[August 26, 2021] Improvements to Resource Assignments
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We’ve made some additional updates to the Planning feature in Synapse.

Check out this video, or read about it below!

When you click on “Manage Members” in a Planning Card, you’ll now be presented with the option to assign and view the available hours of your team members.

Under the “Assigned Hours” section, you’ll be able to specify the estimated number of hours a team member will invest in a project each week. This way, you can easily see how much time each member is spending on specific projects.

Under the “Available Hours'' section you’ll be able to see the number of available hours for each team member depending on all of the projects the team member has been assigned to, during that specific time period. You’ll be able to set the weekly capacity of your team in the new Resource Capacity tab, which you can find under the Planning drop down menu.

For these reasons, we’d recommend ensuring that all of your projects have defined start and end dates as this will be used to calculate the availability of your team members, across all projects, each week.

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