[July 23, 2021] Resource Assignments
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We’ve made it easier for you to track and manage project members and resources by introducing Resource Assignments. This feature will allow you to assign and remove members to or from a project, making it easier for you to track which project each member is working on.

Here’s what to expect:

When you open a Planning Card, you’ll now see a new section for Project Members. By clicking on “Manage Members”, you’ll be presented with a list of users in your account which you can then assign to the Project by clicking on the green Assign button.

It’s important to note that this release gives Administrators insight into who is working on what projects, however adding a user as a Project Member does not give them access to see the Planning Card and any attached material - that view is still only accessible by other Admin users. Therefore, assigned members will not be notified when they are assigned to a project as this is simply to give Admins the ability to better manage their project resources - but we’ve got plenty more to come!

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