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[June 18, 2021] Updates to Training Intake
[June 18, 2021] Updates to Training Intake
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We’re excited to announce that we’ve made some updates to Training Intake!

You’ll now be able to publish forms, change the status of requests from the single request view, and delete requests.

When you open a Form, you’ll now see a “Published” section in the Form modal. This feature allows you to publish your forms, allowing you to control which Forms are visible to Requestors. This will be helpful if you’re working on any new forms or want to unpublish older versions.

We’ve made it easier for you to approve or close your requests! You can now change the request status directly when you are reviewing it!

You’ll also now be able to delete requests from your account. To do so, simply navigate to the three dot icon when viewing an individual request, or click on the three dot icon to the far right of the desired request from the list view.

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