[June 15, 2021] Form Routing
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We’ve made it easier for you to track and manage notifications for Requests by adding in Form Routing.

When you are logged into Synapse and open up a form, you’ll see a new field for the “Default Request Owner” - this will be set to “No Owner” but can be modified to either a specific admin or all admins.

When a request is received for a specific form, the request owner will now receive an email notification letting them know they have a new request!

At the Requests level, the request owner will also be visible when viewing a received request, and can be reassigned if required, which would trigger a subsequent email notification to the new request owner.

We’ve also changed the ordering of your received requests in the Requests tab. They’ll now appear with the newest requests at the top, making it easier for you to locate those that need review!

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