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[June 2, 2021] Design Section Refresh
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We’ve released some changes to the Design section of Synapse. These changes will make it easier and more flexible for you to complete your training designs and were motivated by a lot of feedback we got directly from our customers!

Check out this short video, or read on below to learn about what’s changed:

We’ve refreshed the look and feel of the Design section to better centralize your design workflow and introduce some changes that will make the design process more flexible for projects of all sizes. Some notable changes include: centralizing the requirements section under your overall course information, introducing descriptions for your lessons and topics so you can add additional context for your learners, and changes to the templates interface to make it more clear when you’re modifying a template.

You’ll now be able to add assets to both the Lesson and Topic levels of your design hierarchy making it easy to use Synapse for design projects of all sizes. Admins will have the ability to control which levels assets can be added to in the template or design settings.

We’ve expanded our asset types to include Learning Objectives and Assessments. This makes it more flexible to add objectives and assessments through your design flow. For example, you could add an assessment at the beginning and end of a given lesson, or integrate them after a specific asset.

We’ve also significantly improved the performance of the design section making it easier and faster to build and collaborate on your designs.

For a full list of what’s changed, check out this article!

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