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[May 26, 2021] May Release
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We’ve made some enhancements to the Planning and Design features in Synapse!

You’ll now be able to assign an owner and a due date to Tasks in the Planning Board. This way, you can track who’s working on what, and create a deadline for when Tasks need to be completed.

We’ve also extended the character limit for Task and Stage titles so that you can see the full and complete name for longer Task and Stage titles on your Planning Board.

You’ll also now have the ability to duplicate a card on the Planning Board. When duplicating a card, please note that any linked Requests, Designs, Attachments, and Links will not be transferred to the copy of the card. This may be useful if you have projects with similar tasks or descriptions!

Design Settings Enhancements 🖌

In the branding settings of the Design section, we’ve added font previews. This way, you can scroll through the different font styles, and see a preview of what the text will look like with that font.

We’ve also added the ability to customize a disclaimer notice and disclaimer link for your Design. This is customizable in the Design settings, and will be visible to learners at the bottom left corner of your Design throughout the entire course.

You’ll also find that we’ve aligned the coloured labels throughout your Design so that all of the elements (such as the Topic, Lesson, and “Check My Answers” labels) match the colour of the START button selected in the settings modal.

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