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[December 4, 2020] Invite Users as Synapse Administrators
[December 4, 2020] Invite Users as Synapse Administrators
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We’ve made it easier for you to invite your colleagues to Synapse as administrators through our new Invite User as Admin feature!

Admins can now easily and quickly invite new users as admins, giving them immediate administrator access to the account once they have accepted their invitation to join!

When inviting a user as an admin, simply navigate to the Users tab on the product dashboard, and select the “INVITE” button.

When selected, you will be prompted to enter the email address of the user you wish to invite.

You will then have the option to select the User Type to determine the level of access you want the user to have. Select “Admin” to invite the user as an administrator, or “User” to add them as a regular user.

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