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Getting Started With Your Planning Board
Getting Started With Your Planning Board
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The Synapse Planning Board gives you an easy way to manage your training projects. Admins will be able to access a new tab in your Synapse menu labelled “Planning

Your Planning Board will consist of Stages and Cards:

Stages are the various columns of your Board. To help you get started, you’ll have the following Stages added by default:


-In Progress







These Stages can be customized or removed by hovering and clicking on the three dots to the right of the Stage name.

We recommend thinking through the different stages your training projects go through and adding columns to represent those steps.

Cards can be added to your columns and represent the projects you are working on. Cards will either be added automatically when a new request is received, or can be added by clicking on the blue “Card” button in the top right corner. You can also add a card to a specific column by clicking on the “+” symbol beside the column header.

If you are using Synapse to support your Training Intake process, a Card will also be added when a new request is received. It will be added to the far left Stage (column) and can then move stages accordingly.

For each card, you’ll be able to update the following information:

  • Start Date

  • Due Date

  • Owner (Assigned to)

  • Stage

  • Priority

  • Description

  • Tasks

  • Request

  • Content

You’ll be able to assign an owner and a due date to any Tasks created. You will also have the option to attach content by simply pasting in a URL link, and/or uploading a file directly from your computer.

When viewing a Card on the Planning Board, you can see important information about the project at a glance.

Priority: Priority will be indicated with a Green (Low), Yellow (Medium) or Red (High) bar along the left of the card.

Due Date: The Due Date will be listed in the bottom right corner.

Assigned Owner: The initials of the Assigned Owner of the card will appear as an icon in the bottom left corner.

Tasks: If there are any Tasks, you'll see a checkmark icon in the bottom left corner.

Linked Request: If there is a linked request, you’ll see a hand symbol in the bottom left corner.

Linked Content: If there is a Synapse project attached to the card, you’ll see a document icon in the bottom left corner.

Attachments: If there are any attachments, you'll see a paper clip icon in the bottom left corner.

You will also be able to filter and search content on the Planning Board. You can either search for a card by name, or use the advanced filtering option to display cards matching certain filters such as the owner, priority, start/due date, and any attached content or requests.

Here are some frequently asked questions for managing your Planning Board:

How do I update the Stage of a Card?

You can either drag the card on the Planning Board to the correct column, or click on the card and update the “Stage” field.

How do I delete a Stage or Card?

Simply click on the three dots icon and click “Remove” or “Delete”

Can I duplicate a card?

Yes, cards can be duplicated by clicking on the three dots icon and selecting "Duplicate".

Can I attach multiple Synapse projects to a card?

Yes! You will be able to click on the “Content” button within a card to search and attach a Synapse project. You can then click the “Content” button again to add additional projects.

Can I link multiple Synapse requests to a card?

At this time, you’ll be able to link a single Request to a card.

Have any additional questions? Feel free to email our team at or use the Live Chat button in the bottom right corner of the platform.

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