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Monitoring Incoming Requests

How to monitor, approve, decline and comment on incoming requests.

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Once you've launched your Request portal, the next step is to monitor and review any incoming requests. 

To view the Requests that have been received, navigate to the Requests section under the Intake drown-down menu. 

To view the content of the Request, simply click on the request.

If you need additional clarification on any of the questions, you can hover over the question and select the comment icon. You can then comment to the requestor, or tag an admin.

You can then navigate back to the Requests dashboard, and click the three dots on the far right of the request. 

You'll have two actions to choose from: Approve or Decline

Approve: The requestor will be notified their request has been approved. If you are also using Synapse for Designs and Planning you'll be able to transition the request into a Design. 

Decline: The requestor will be notified that their request was declined and you'll be able to include a Comment. 

You'll also be notified anytime a new request or comment is received by the Alert icon at the top of the Synapse home page.

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