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Setting Up Your Forms and Questions
Setting Up Your Forms and Questions

How to set up your Training Request Forms and Questions

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The first step in launching your Training Request portal is to create your Forms and determine which questions you would like to use. 

A Form, is a series of questions that an individual submitting a request would populate. 

You should think through the different sets of questions that you might want to ask your requestors. It is a way to segment your request process and have the requestor select the form that applies to the type of request you are trying to submit. 

When a user goes to submit a new request, they'll be asked to select the correct Form from a dropdown menu. 

Some common uses of Forms are: 

  • Different departments (Sales, Marketing, Product)

  • Different types of training (eLearning, ILT, Webinar)

  • Different training focuses (Leadership, Job Performance, Professional Development) 

Adding Forms

To add a Form, navigate to the Forms section and click the Add Form button.

You'll be asked to give the Form a Name, and you can select from an existing form if you're looking to create something similar.

Once you have identified the need for a specific Training Form, you'll then need to add questions. Consider what information you'll need to assess whether you'll approve or decline the Training Request. 

You can add an unlimited number of questions, but we recommend keeping it focused to the relevant information you need and making it simple for the requestor to populate. 

You can select from the following question types: 

Once you have selected a question type, you'll be prompted to enter the question, available options (if applicable) and toggle whether the question is required.

Once your form is complete, you can assign a Default Request Owner. This way, when a request is received for a specific form, the assigned owner will receive an email notification letting them know they have a new request.

Lastly, you can choose to publish your form by selecting the desired option in the Form modal.

Adding Assistive Text

You can also add assistive text to the question. This is a great way to provide any additional support or guidance to the individual submitting a request. To add, simply hover over the top right corner of the card and select the pencil icon. You can then enter a Title and Description for the assistive text.

When a new request is being submitted, an “i” icon can be hovered over to view this assistive guidance.

Adding Section Dividers

You can also divide your questions into sections, by selecting the Section option and giving the section a title.

We've prepared a list of commonly asked training intake questions that you can find in our Question Bank here

Duplicating Forms

If you have created a form, and would like to make a copy, simply click on the three dots to the right of the form, and click Duplicate.

You'll be prompted to give the form a new name, and confirm which form you'd like to base the duplicate off of.

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