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Turning Your Experts into Instructors
Turning Your Experts into Instructors

How to maximize your SME's potential as instructors and designers

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We've worked with a lot of organizations that have done a fantastic job of turning Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within their organization into designers and instructors. These individuals become highly motivated and capable of designing and creating their own training content. 

We wanted to share some of the ways they have harnessed that potential and empowered those with domain expertise.

Train-the-Trainer Sessions

One technique we've seen to be highly effective at empowering your SMEs to design training is hosting Train-the-Trainer Sessions. These can take a variety of formats and be completed at different cadences, but the purpose is the same - get time in the calendar to train those that will be responsible for designing and leading their own training projects. 

Synapse is happy to team up on these or provide you with additional resources so you can facilitate your own. Contact your Client Success Manager to come up with a format that will work best for your organization.

Sharing Training Videos

We've developed a series of short, micro-training videos designed to get someone up to speed on all of our functionality. When introducing a new user to the platform, share these videos with them alongside an explanation of the goals and processes internally to drive adoption.

Appoint an Internal Liaison

Within Synapse, all users have access to the in-product chat for any questions they may have. However, appointing an internal liaison who is responsible for any Synapse questions is also a great strategy. It helps to give reassurance to the SMEs or collaborators that they'll be supported internally while trying out a new tool.

Highlight Success Stories  

Now that you have SMEs designing amazing training, it's important to highlight these successes internally. As your team sees others successfully becoming power-users and the benefits of doing so, it's more likely that they'll get curious and be more willing to become an adopter themselves. 

If you have any specific questions about how to better engage your users, your Client Success Manager would be happy to help strategize! Feel free to reach out to them through the live chat, or via email. 

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