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Some creative ways we've seen our clients leverage content exported from Synapse

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When designing your training designs in Synapse, there are a variety of flexible outputs that can be used depending on your use case. 

Content can be exported to PDF, PowerPoint, SCORM, XML or JSON. You can also share your designs via a custom share link (either accessible publicly or through your SSO) or embed the content directly into another system. 

We've seen this be used in a variety of different ways that create unique experiences for learners. 

Here are a few ideas of how you can leverage the exports from Synapse:

Instructor-Led Training 

It's important when creating instructor-led training that you consider your requirements, complete a needs analysis, and storyboard the same way that you would an elearning course. 

With our PowerPoint export, it's easy to take the design process from Synapse and export it into a format that can be used for further development as instructor-led training. 

We've also seen the PDF exports be leveraged to create pre-training guides for the instructors facilitating the training.

Embed Links/Share Links 

With the flexibility of our embed and share links, we've seen Synapse integrated into a variety of different platforms. Our clients are sharing content from Synapse to client knowledge bases, internal HR and employee management tools, and even distributed via email to specific mailing lists. 

Leveraging the SCORM package in an LMS, or enabling tracking through an LRS can give valuable insight to your training team. But consider the different ways you can share and distribute your content.

What ways are you using Synapse exports? We'd love to hear your ideas!

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