As you begin to design your training projects, it's vital to good course design to think about the Magic Triangle. It's a tool that will show how aligned your learning objectives, activities, and assessments are across a given course or lesson. 

The Magic Triangle represents the relationship between Learning Objectives, Learning Activities, and Learning Assessment. If these three components are built with the intention of interdependence, then teaching and learning are greatly enhanced, and superior outcomes are achieved. 

If one or more of these three components is not optimal, then you run the risk of your learners becoming discouraged, confused, bored, or unhappy. Furthermore, if one side of the triangle is missing entirely, then your learning may not be effective. 

Within Synapse, you can be mindful of this relationship in the following areas of our platform: 

Read more in our blog, What is the Magic Triangle: Aligning Learning Objectives, Training Activities and Assessment Methods for ways to optimize the alignment of your objectives, activities, and assessments. 

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